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Biometrics refers to technologies that measure and analyze human body characteristics, including face, fingerprints and irises, to identify people.

Who We Are

Biometrics & Identification Innovation Center (BIIC)  is a multidisciplinary group of researchers who are experts in signal & image processing, computer vision, biometrics, data analysis, machine learning and statistical learning theory.

What We Do

Biometrics Identification Innovation Center deals with all aspect of imaging, signal & image processing for industrial, commercial and Military applications will also deal with understanding information and retrieval: Imaging techniques such as synthetic aperture radar, acoustics imaging, imaging in different wavelengths will be included.

Biometrics using all kind of modalities with commercial and DoD applications will be considered. Surveillance from fixed and moving platforms with intelligent interactions between smart sensors will be investigated. Signal & image processing techniques will be applied to different disciplines such engineering, non-destructive testing, medical, neuroscience, geosciences and etc..

Data and video analytics and their applications will be investigated. Smart cameras with image understanding and machine learning capabilities will be investigated. Intelligent video systems and their applications. Conduct research into applications of imaging to biomedical science.

Our Mission

Working in partnership with our government and industry stakeholders to advance the state of the art in human identification capabilities through basic research. Our portfolio of activities achieve this mission through cross-cutting research of emerging enabling technologies, interdisciplinary training of scientists and engineers, and facilitation of technology transfer to the private and government sectors. BIIC deals with all aspect of biometrics using all kind of modalities with commercial and DoD applications is investigated.